Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy life

Healthy living means you are doing the following:
You are eating a variety of healthy food most of the time.
You are drinking enough water.
You are exercising regularly.
You have given up tobacco and other drugs.
You are taking the time to relax, de-stress and have fun.
You are getting enough sleep every night.
You are keeping your alcohol intake to a bare minimum.

What are the health benefits you can look forward to?
You will feel and look absolutely wonderful!
You will have much more energy.
Because your heart becomes healthier every day, cardiovascular disease becomes less of a threat.
The bad cholesterol levels (LDL) become lower and the healthy cholesterol levels (HDL) rise.
Because weight-bearing exercises like running, skipping and hopping help to develop strong bones you will have less injuries to your back and your joints.
Type 2 diabetes and other weight-related diseases and cancers will be less of a risk.
Your body will fights off colds and flu more readily.
You will feel and look absolutely awesome!
All that healthy food and fresh water you’re taking in is processed more efficiently and your body removes its waste products quicker.
Your skin will look healthier, your nails will be stronger and your hair and eyes will be shiny.
Because of Improved muscle tone your body will have better shape and posture.
When you exercise, the brain releases ‘feel-good’ hormones (endorphins) which will make you feel good and happy.
You will sleep better, so every morning you’ll be ready to face the day.
You will look and feel absolutely incredible!
Your mental health will improve. You will have better concentration and be more alert. Your creativity and problem-solving skills will be better. It will be easier to make decisions and stress will be easier to handle.
Your strength, stamina and suppleness will improve which means you will move easier.
You will feel emotionally stronger and your self-confidence and self-esteem will improve.

There you have it – you are now a wonderful, awesome and incredible human being! And you know what? You deserve every compliment you get a hundred times over.

[National Nutrition Week takes place between 9-15 October, and is followed by Obesity Awareness Week from 15-19 October every year in South Africa.]

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